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Impressions of the Sahasrara – A personal experience
Impressions of the Sahasrara – A personal experience

Impressions of the Sahasrara – A personal experience

Sahaja Yoga - the SahasraraOn the 5th of May 1970 Shri Mataji opened the Sahasrara chakra of the Virata and the unique opportunity of Self-realisation, second birth, became possible for all mankind. Once the Kundalini is awakened Shri Mataji allows those who are seeking truth to then becomes a ‘Sahaja Yogi’, the twice born, and then an attitude unique to Sahaja Yogis is born within. Then a new era begins for us, keeping our attention very much on Shri Mataji, and aspects of deepening our spiritual awakening.

The twice born are able to continually look forward to an eternal and spiritual world, neither as a dream, nor a vision of some other worldly experience, but as a reality and a happening, here today, by the grace of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi we can live that life here and now, rather than being a far distant reality.

Shri Mataji’s elevated vision and plan for mankind in the form of Sahaja Yoga does not mean that we leave the present mundane world behind, but reflects our combined aspiration to leave our mark upon the Earth, to help transform it, precisely because our efforts are occupied with beautifying the universe in unison with Shri Mataji’s will when she opened the Sahasrara : for mankind to realise the true meaning of its existence.

Sometimes as the years pass we may find that we may become focused upon our jobs, family, money, other concerns, but our mundane life is not our main object, we know that we have always wanted something more. We know we are supposed to have the pure feelings of family, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles. There is something much more which we grasped at times when we perceived that we are not only this physical body, that there is a meaning that runs deep in this universes, that is just beyond the grasp of our mental perceptions.

Our spiritual life for many just fades away in the rigours and reality of our material life, that somehow the magic just evaded us. In that case it would be a pity to find out too late that by our lack of real effort and commitment we had stifled in ourselves the very faculty for enjoying it. And so many drift and settle down and learn not to expect too much, and may even repress that part of themselves which used to reach for the moon and stars.

Know that the mysterious something which we pursued is close at hand, is just around the corner and can given to us by Shri Mataji who made spiritual awakening for each and every human being a reality when she opened the Sahasrara chakra on the 5th May 1970.

Infinite happiness does exist and can be touched by all of us if we just reach out and grasp the opportunity by taking that step and spending some time in truth, touching that space which is at the rainbows end, where all spiritual dreams can be fulfilled, and find someone who embodies all truth, integrity and true salvation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Almighty God did not create human beings with the desire for ultimate happiness unless the satisfaction for those desires could exist and could be within the reach of all human beings. By opening the Sahasrara chakra, and through Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji allows all humanity to be spiritually born again, with the highest and most elevated desire, one which no ordinary human experience in this world could satisfy.

Humanity was created by God’s love, destined for another world, one founded upon God’s culture and God’s vision for mankind. Not as individual beings stalking the earth with no meaning beyond the material, but as beings truly connected to the will and desire of the Almighty, where you can feel everyone’s love and the joy emitting from us all, living a life rich full of spiritual meaning and happiness.

None of our normal earthly experiences can satisfy this desire but can only further arouse it, and further suggest that the real thing, if that is what we call it does exist: the spiritual experience at the realms of the Sahasrara. By Shri Mataji’s grace we can be taken to the place of that experience, and you can live that reality that has been foretold and promised by all the religions.

We are thankful to God for our normal earthly experiences, but never mistake this life for something else than what it is, only a kind of copy, a kind of echo, or mirage of the truly spiritual experience. This is within reach of every person who truly believes and desires their Self-realisation and desires to keep the experiences of the Sahasrara as a reality in their life. This keeps alive in ourselves the desire for our true home and country, and for a reality and brotherhood which one day we can make the same as our day to day reality.

We should not let ourselves get snowed under, or turned aside, or so lost within the mundane life that we lose sight of our ultimate destination. Shri Mataji can grant us our spiritual liberation as the main object of life and together take us to that other country where we help each other. Shri Mataji can make our lives like this all the time where we are all connected so amazingly, where there is pure love everywhere.

If we love ourselves and humanity then Shri Mataji’s work is seen as greater and greater everytime we experience the Spirit in Nirvicharya Samadhi, ‘thoughtless awareness in meditation’, which is the time for creativity, enjoyment, innocence and realisation.

There is not much more that needs to be said, or the need to worry about others, or what they are doing, or not doing. These written words are merely an imperfect symbolic attempt to express the inexpressible, the spiritual joy that can be shared most strongly suggests the ecstasy and joy of the infinite.

We can be truly united with each other and the Divine; and together experience her splendour and power and joy and timelessness. It all begins with a first step.

Unending and humble thanks to Shri Mataji for the noble task that she is doing working for the emancipation of all humanity.


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