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And God Created the Cosmos
And God Created the Cosmos

And God Created the Cosmos

And God created the Cosmos.

Before a cosmic cycle (the Creation) starts, the ultimate reality is undifferentiated as Parabrahma; it is infinity, abstract, without manifestation. The Creation starts when this reality separates into two; Sri Sadashiva the Primordial Father, and Sri Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother. “HE” is the Eternal Witness; “SHE” is His power, the Holy Ghost.” Shri Mataji

Through the energy of AUM the Primordial Word, SHE then creates the whole universe, AUM is the expression of the whole universe. AUM is the expression of the three seed energies which structure the cosmos: ‘A’ – the seed energy of desire, Sri Mahakali; ‘U’ – the seed energy of action,Sri Mahasaraswati and ‘M’ – the seed energy of evolution, Sri Mahalakshmi. AUM stands for the principle of Divine innocence and purity which permeates the cosmos and is personified at a later stage by the elephant God, Sri Ganesha.” Shri Mataji

Creation of the Universe.

First the movement of the energy started flowing, and this is a combined energy, then the combined energy went round and round and round and when it consolidated there was this bang. When the big bang took place thelittle fragments again went round & round with themomentum they became roundish, out of them the Mother Earth was selected for one job. On the Earth out of the water came the life, the carbon came in and the human being were created, then the man improved their society, now they have done that. Now the Kundalini which has been waiting all these years was resting waiting for the blossom time. At that time the Kundalini has to rise and ignite so that the completion of the whole world takes place. ” Shri Mataji

In the beginning the one Spirit created the universe out of its being : the entire universe, all matter and energy, and the space they fill, occupied a very small volume, concentrated at one point. We see from every direction that the universe .. began as a single seed smaller than an atom – and in the very real sense you and I, all of us were there, in something smaller than an atom. Then an Infinite awesome Power of creation brought forth an entire universe from that microscopic seed – the primordial seed exploded with a big bang, starting from infinite density and temperature and the entire universe flew out at incredible speeds and had been expanding and thinning out and cooling ever since.

The more the human mind visualises the perfect beauty and grandeur of creation the more humble it becomes. Great scientific minds have hit upon a colossal reality that this vast universe came from the primordial seed, the question of this millennium is “how”, “why”, and “what” that primordial seed was, and who made it, who is the Almighty Creator.

The universe began an expansion which has never ceased. From the cosmic egg the universe was filled with elementary particles in the form of immense gas clouds. Gravity caused the clouds to spin, condensing matter and later on forming the primordial galaxies.

The epic of cosmic evolution had begun, a hierarchy, starting in the condensation of matter from the gas clouds of the Big Bang into millions of galaxies, each containing millions of stars. Within one of these galaxies a star was born, the Sun , and around this Sun the divine caused the planets to come into existence and evolution which led to the creation of mankind.

Great and worthy have the seekers of the world become, and now is the time God the Mother Who bequeath all that has been promised to mankind, seekers named and created by the Creator, She Who is the Power and Creator of all things.

Human beings who live in shadows and are lost in the age of darkness and delusion. Freedom in the human sense which we posses generally leads us astray, when we become Sahaja Yogis we become much more rulers of our Dynasty and then we act more within the means and boundaries of God’s Dharma.

The seekers path is not the easiest road to follow for there are always choices to be made. If you ask if there is an end to the cycle of reincarnation. Then one answer is that one is born again according to one’s actions (karma). Ultimately the one who knows Spirit transcends even good and evil deeds and ascends to Heaven. To ascend you must renounce the worldly desire and live under the lordship of God Almighty and live as a religious seeker perhaps then we may achieve Heaven.

Then perhaps after a long a fruitful life we hope to always remain within God’s kingdom, the complete far-reaching unfaltering realm conceived and accomplished by the intellect that moves the heavens and stars.

Then may the light of the Spirit always shimmers within our heart; this is where we have come from, what we are, and where we are bound. There is nothing for us to desire for after this life, everything that we are has been given to us by Her alone, including this physical body.

Having tested the worlds won by works, the great become seekers after God and arrive at detachment. But the knowledge the seeker is to. approached properly, calming the mind and attaining peace, the knowledge of God may be taught in the truth of reality by which one knows the imperishable Spirit

When we receive our Self Realisation then we move more within a Holy realm, where there has been a movement of God’s people; where the horn of justice can be heard; where the humble strive towards God ; and where the majestic eagle of liberty has been set free to spread Her proud wings and to soar upon the current of Divine wind.

Divine Mother, with Your coming the age of darkness will draw to an end. All things are guided by and based on this intelligence of Spirit. Ascending from this world with the intelligence the soul obtains all desires in the heavenly world, eternal life.

Seekers attain the quality of pure goodwill which makes an enormous difference to those around. After been beset with countless trials and tribulations there can always be found meaning and hope. But never do that which may break dharma. Beyond our best hope, spiritual freedom can be ours, where we may leave behind tribulation, leaving behind the land of the material and begin that journey towards God’s Holy domain.

God the Mother is here to help ease the burden lade upon humanity. Long have we worked to wipe away sin ; to guide the attention; to help our gaze focus within and to realise that the Mother of all creation loves us all more truly than we love ourselves.

The formless that is higher than the imperishable and is the source and goal of all beings may be found in the secret of the heart. The reality of immortal life may be known by using the weapons of the spirit as a bow, placing an arrow on it sharpened by meditation, stretching it with thought directed to that, and knowing the imperishable as the target. Aum is the bow; the soul is the arrow; and God is the target. Thus meditating on the soul and finding peace in the heart the wise perceive the light of blissful immortality.

The knot of the heart is loosened, all doubts vanish, and one’s works karma cease when it is seen. Radiant is the light of lights that illuminates the whole world. God truly is this immortal, in front, behind, to the right and left, below and above; God is all this great universe.

By seeing the brilliant creator, the God-source, you may then become a knower, a seer who shakes off good and evil reaching the supreme identity of life that shines in all beings. Enjoying the soul, doing holy works, such is the best knower of God. The soul can be attained by truth, discipline, correct knowledge, and by studying God.

The body is like a cart without intelligence how can it be driven to Heaven Within the body is the spirit which is intelligent being, who is pure, clean, void, tranquil, breathless, selfless, endless, undecaying, steadfast, eternal, unborn, and independent. The reins are the five organs of perception, the steeds are the organs of action, and the charioteer is the mind. The soul is unmanifest, subtle, imperceptible, selfless, pure, steadfast, stainless, desireless, fixed like a spectator, and self-abiding. Truth conquers and opens the path to the gods by which the righteous whose desires are satisfied ascend to the supreme home. Vast, divine, subtler than the subtle, it shines out far and close by, resting in the secret place seen by those with vision.

The Heavenly realm is not grasped by sight nor speech nor angels nor austerity nor work but by the grace of wisdom and the mental purity of meditation which sees the indivisible.

For the one whose desire is satisfied, whose soul is perfected, all desires here on earth vanish away. This soul is not attained by instruction nor intellect nor much learning, but by the one whom it chooses who enters into the formless itself. Seekers with natures purified by renunciation enter the God-worlds and transcend death. As rivers flow into the ocean, the liberated knower reaches the divine Spirit. Whoever knows that supreme God becomes God.

Thus it was written, Thus it is maybe so here today upon the Earth

Divine Mother You who have made Us. We are, or are not, by Your will alone. This form that I possess is a reflection of the perfection of the Divine.

Divine Mother, has created us as perfect complete beings – within the sphere of Her will alone do we move.

Divine Mother we commit to You that we will never be free of the our duty to help our people, and to help then to reach God.

Divine Mother you have created all things and have infused it with Divine will, virtue love and so life will always yearn for Her, desiring to be reunited with the creator. Life was created through Your love which reigns supreme over all things in this universe. So effused with this desire all seekers declare that in this body we wish to always be by Your side

Divine Mother we commit that we shall always act from compassion for those righteous souls and act against the wicked.

We bow to thee

Chris Kyriacou

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